Choosing the Right Solution for Your Ultrasonic Cleaner

Already got yourself one of our affordable products from Hilsonic and are now looking at the right cleaning solution?  The answer will depend on just what you need to get cleaned.

We presume you already know just how useful an ulstrasonic cleaner could be; the different contaminants mean that they cannot be removed by detergents alone. There are parts hat can be cleaned by detergent and there are some that can’t.

The Different Types of Solutions for Ultrasonic Cleaners

Having the right knowledge of the available solutions will help you choose., for one, can help you purchase an ultrasonic cleaner just right for your needs.

Alkaline Solutions

They have a pH levelof 10 or higher, and may also contain caustic soda, depending on the cleaner’s strength. A moderate alkaline solution is great for almost all metals and they can even work in cleaning glass, to even plastic materials.

High Caustic Solutions

They are a special case of the alkaline solution and contains hydroxides and silicates. It’s useful for removing the tough stains and dirt which includes heavy grease, oils, and waxes

The properties make them ideal for them to be used in theiron and steel industry. You could also place magnesium in your ultrasonic cleaner, to avoid any damages which coud otherwise result from this really strong solution.

Acidic Solutions

With a pH level of 5 or lower, it is highly acidic and can easily destroy the base material if you aren’t careful. However, given its acidity, it’s ideal when it comes to removing metal oxides. Do note though that while you are using it, you need an inhibitor to protect the base material or the equipment could get corroded easily.

Enzymatic Solutions

For the medical and food industries, it’s the cleaning solution they need as it can help remove protein-based contaminants. You can also use it to clean dirt off metals like stainless steel, and titanium regularly. In fact, some laboratories even use the solution to clean glass and other plastics.

De-ionized water

This is what you need if you are looking to clean just about anything that you can place on water. So, if you have fabrics, metals or even glass and plastics, it’s the all safe bet that you will love.  Do note that while you are using it, depending on the items that you need cleaned, you would have to place in different parts in the wetting solution and immediately dry it out.

Which Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution is Right For You?

These are just some of the solutions that we need to know that can be used for our ultrasonic cleaner.

Most of the solutions that we have to use will depend on the type of part that we have to clean. You might have to look up the cleaning solution that is right for you. However, if you want to play I safe, yo ucan always go in for the de-ionized water cleaning solution.

It is always best to use caution, particularly if you have delicate parts which isn’t as easy to repair or replace.

Our ultrasonic cleaners are designed to safely remove all contaminants, so you have nothing to worry about.